Designated Broker:  Jason Hisey   License #BR535611000   Contractor License #ROC232743



La Frontera Partners, Inc., is 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation certified by the State of Arizona and the City of Tucson as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) whose purpose is to promote social welfare, including developing and operating of low-income housing.

La Frontera Partners, Inc. is a sister organization of La Frontera Center, Inc., also an Arizona 501 (c)(3) nonprofit behavioral health center that has provided mental health and substance use recovery based services to residents in southern Arizona since 1968.  La Frontera is one of Arizona’s largest nonprofit community-owned behavioral health centers, providing services to nearly 15,000 individuals with over 500 employees and with a budget of $45 million. La Frontera provides services for children, adults and families throughout greater metropolitan Tucson and Phoenix. Services include mental health, substance abuse treatment, psychiatric rehabilitation, prevention and intervention and child/family problems. La Frontera Arizona, Inc. is the parent organization to both La Frontera Center, Inc. and La Frontera Partners, Inc. La Frontera Arizona, Inc. is also an Arizona nonprofit corporation.

La Frontera has over 50 years experience in acquiring, managing and providing services at 21 facilities located throughout Tucson and Phoenix, including administrative offices, outpatient services offices, emergency short term stabilization housing, permanent housing for families and individuals, Section 8 apartments, transitional housing for families in need, transitional group homes, transitional housing for men, transitional housing for homeless persons and persons with serious mental illness, and independent living for persons with serious mental illness.

In 2007, La Frontera Partners, began to actively develop affordable housing units, and at that time had envisioned creating its own property management division to manage its own portfolio once the total number of developed units exceeded 400. Prior to reaching this unit level, the day-to-day property management functions would be outsourced to a third party and La Frontera’s role was to provide oversight of the property management agent, provide its own Asset Manager and to manage all financial aspects as described later in this plan.

In 2019, La Frontera Partners, Inc. formed “Stonecorner Real Estate and Development, Inc.” an Arizona corporation whose sole member is La Frontera Partners, Inc to be the property management corporation.

Corporate Leadership / Officers

Daniel J. Ranieri, President & CEO

Michael Prudence, Secretary & Treasurer and CFO

Jason Hisey, Vice President and Designated Broker

Patrick O’Hagin, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Designated Broker: Jason Hisey

Jason Hisey is an Arizona Licensed Broker, a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and  Registered Contractor. Jason brings over 20 years experience across $250 million in development experience with  over 260,000 square feet of commercial office space and over 900 affordable housing units throughout Arizona financed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Affordable Housing Program funds, City and State Home Funds, HUD programs, Pima General Obligation Bond Funds, tax exempt bonds and conventional financing.

In addition to overseeing all development aspects for the La Frontera housing portfolio, Jason Hisey has been the Asset Manager providing oversight of Kay Kay Realty Corporation on behalf of the owner since each unit was placed in service. Jason works on every annual budget, property management agreement and reviews monthly operating reports to monitor budget to actual performance. Additionally, Jason has been involved in all property capital improvements, on-going repairs, and leads bi-monthly meetings between the Kay Kay, on-site managers and La Frontera Center’s supportive services teams. Jason attends every ADOH monitoring visit and every City of Tucson HQS inspection.

Jason Hisey is also the principal of The Hisey Group, Inc. and has been the  development consultant to La Frontera Partners, Inc. for every developed unit.  Jason has extensive knowledge and experience with Section 42 and the Arizona Department of Housing. Jason has worked on and reviewed every tax credit application and is extremely knowledgeable of the State of Arizona’ Qualified Allocation Plan, Compliance Requirements and Mandatory Design Guidelines. Jason has provided oversight of the project architect and project contractor as the Owner’s Representative during every stage of development from inception to lease up.

Jason’s prior work experience includes managing over 220 affordable LIHTC units and over 20 office and clinical sites for COPE Community Services, a nonprofit behavioral health agency and former housing developer in Tucson Arizona.

Jason is currently in progress of obtaining a CPM designation, because he has held a CCIM designation for more than 10 years, Jason is only required to complete the IREM exam and pay the annual fees. Jason Hisey has also recently updated his HCCP certification requirements.

Daniel J. Ranieri, President & CEO

Dr. Ranieri  is the President and CEO, La Frontera Arizona, Inc. and all the La Frontera corporations.  He is responsible for the executive management of a comprehensive community behavioral health care center with an annual budget of $80+ million and more than 800 employees.  Dr. Ranieri is charged with strategic planning, financial planning, new business development and operations, quality improvement, staff development, risk management, and community integration.  Currently oversees 13 non-profit operations in areas of community behavioral health and affordable housing.

Michael Prudence, Secretary & Treasurer and CFO

Michael Prudence is the Vice President and CFO of La Frontera Arizona and all the La Frontera corporations. Michael is responsible for leadership and management of the business support functions within the organization; which include Accounting/Finance/Payroll/Budget, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Management Information Systems, Contracts and Materials Management. Michael participates in the leadership, development and implementation of the overall corporate strategic vision and planning, in conjunction with the executive management teams and the Board of Directors.

Patrick O’Hagin, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in business ownership, homeowner association management, and land development management in Southern Arizona. Patrick possesses significant knowledge of community management industry trends, homeowner association practices and legislation, and extensive experience in land development project management. Strengths lie in strategic planning, cost and benefit analysis, industry trend analysis, process innovation, multiple process synchronization. Patrick has extensive experience in creating and  improving workflows, customer service and employee retention and performance.